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Fire Early Warning System /

Temperature Testing Array

TTA is a multi-block heat detection device, it detects the heat radiation and tells the exact temperature value of each block

  • Realtime temperature testing and display

  • Temperature response and alarm range:-50?~+300?

  • Show Time-Temperature Curve of each block

  • Definable alarm type of sudden temperature change

  • Fixed series with J(V) adjustable bracket

  • Pan or tilt rotating series available


Motion Finder Radar / MF Radar Detection System

Medium-range motion finder radar can pierce through some certain vegetation's and detect the internal activities of personnel.  Short=Range radar can output the detected target's distance, speed, range and size simultaneously, and can monitor 100 targets at the same time.

  • Light weight, Compact radar

  • Electronic scanning

  • Detect moving vehicles and people

  • Low emission power

  • All-weather 24 continuous working

  • Strong rejection to ground clutter, low false alarm

  • All kinds of terrain apply

  • Testing and Measurement

  • Certification 

  • Warranty's


  • Frequency: Ku band

  • Detection range: people: 1000m; Vehicle: 1500m

  • Accuracy: distance 5m/ azimuth angle 1 .

  • Antenna search scope: sector or 360  search

  • Power output: 10mW, 100mW, 1W

  • Search speed:6 /s, 12 /s, 24 /s

  • Power consumption: DC24V 40W

AVIOTEC video-based Fire Detection

Using intelligent algorithms in surveillance cameras, AVIOTEC can identify smoke and flames as soon as they come into the range of the camera instead of having to wait for smoke to migrate to state-ofthe-art smoke detectors.  By detecting fires at a source rather than the ceiling, cameras can issue an alarm within seconds while for point detectors it can take minutes to detect an alarm condition.

AVIOTEC is based on intelligent algorithms to distinguish between real fires and disturbance values like reflectios, movements or backlights.  This guarnatees a very reliable detection with almost no false alarms.  AVIOTEC offers proven detection reliability in all test fires (TF1 through TF8) as specified in EN54.

The video-based fire detection system AVIOTEC scales well from a single camera to a networked system of distributed cameras with a central console and management system.  Using Bosch's Dynamic Transcoding technology it can relay alarms to an existing fire alarm panel or transmit them via Ethernet to a monitoring centre or even a mobile device like an iPad.  Receiving HD quality video images in real time gives the firefighters a good understanding of the current situation even before they arrive on the scene.

Fire and Radar