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Automatic iDoor




The iDoor is an automatic sliding door operator that offers a precisionly driven, stylishly designed, low-profile automatic door system that delivers world-class performance at a cost effective price.

The iDoor system has been tested by an independent NATA testing lab to be compliant with AS5007-2007.  This accreditation means that purchasers can be reassured that the iDoor product has been tested for more than one million cycles under all climate categories and can be relied upon to perform under the most trying of circumstances.

The modular design of the iDoor system makes it quick and easy to install commission and service, and with the iDoor's intelligent microprocessor, the iDoor operator is the simplest and easiest to use door operator - without the need for special hand programmers or PIN numbers for servicing.

iDoor operator design features

  • iDoor unique environmental protection cover

  • iDoor computer control in a single module, containing all electrical components for ease of service and maintenance

  • High-strength reinforced fibre-toothed belt for quiet operation and maximum performance

  • Heavy-duty concaved track wheels (6 per door)

iDoor operational features

  • Australian made and owned

  • NATA tested for Australian standards

  • Easy to install design

  • High security, electric motor locking

  • No exposed wiring

  • Energy efficient/low power usage


Multidrive system is designed to be universal, easy to install products that transform your existing manual, free-running residential sliding doors and sliding windows to be automated, thereby revolutionising your home experience with ease.

Multidirve is based on a simple motor drive belt system.  Encased in a sleek-tube like frame that adapts to the design of your existing sliding door, which powers the automatic opening and closing of the door and the wireless push buttons which activate the door when pushed on.

It is a compact system designed to automate sliding doors.  The system consists of a motor device, electronic controller and low voltage DC power supply encased in an aluminium slim line housing.  The door is then activated by specially designed wall mounted wireless push buttons, installed on both sides of the opening.

Autoslide can be easily installled on wooden, glass, aluminium and uPVC single and biparting doors.  It can also be installed on pocket sliding doors.

SECURITY STRONG - With an optional electronic locking system that can secure and lock your doors at a press of a button.



The iSwing automatic door operater offers a high standard of performance within a slimline design. The low height of only 80mm allows the iSwing Operator to be fitted to a transom header made of two standard 400 series frames fitted together.  The system comes with both push arm and slide arm configurations, the combination of these design features and the almost silent operation of the mechanism give the doorway a seamless operation where the door appears to open as if by magic.

Electric Lock and UPS

Battery back-up options.

The operator has in built a circuitry to operate electric locking systems as a standard feature, various electric lock options are available to suit the design of the doorway, these include magnetic locks and electric lock latch keeper sets.

To ensure continuous security when the door is locked and fire exit compliance the iSwing has an option for uninterrupted power supply (UPS) battery reserve backup, this opeional extra allows for the doorway to be as seamless as possible and responsive to card read for fire alarm systems.

Safety Systems

The iSwing Door Operator complies with Australian standard AS5007 requirement for the safe operation by either of two methods.

a) The speed of the door is limited to greater than 3 seconds to open or close.

b) Presence safety sensors are fitted to each door leaf to detect persons in the doors path whilst opening and closing.

For more information on all iDoor systems please contact our office or click on the link below.